I have a good friend who says she is happy to be anything but “fine”. Isn’t that the truth? I mean…what a mediocre word…fine. Not good…not bad..not pretty, not ugly, not sweet, not mean…just”fine.” Well, Kath, I agree. I , too, want to be anything else. How sad to settle for the ordinary…the sameness. Be BOLD! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Have adventures. At my age, the last thing I care about is what anyone else thinks about what I do or say or how I act. I had a younger friend tell me last week…”I want to be like YOU when I grow up.” What a compliment! Now, I’m not talking about the immoral or ungodly things. Whatever I do or say MUST be pleasing to the Lord first of all. But, You know, He made me. He put fun into my soul. He is the one who gave me the boldness to be me. And, I think God wants us to be joyful, above all. Do you think God laughs? I’ve heard the joke…’if you want to make God laugh…tell Him YOUR plans…’, And yes, I think He laughs. He must just laugh out loud at some of the predicaments we mortals get ourselves into. I mean, just watching me get into my Spanx has got to be good for a big one. Come on…think about it…funny, isn’t it? I read a sign in our Hallmark store last week…”I’m smart enough to know better and old enough not to care.” Do you remember some of those things that you thought were going to absolutely change the direction of your life…and they hardly caused a ripple? Do you remember being mortified when you embarressed yourself, sure that no one would ever forget it…and no one even noticed? Do you remember when your child did the unthinkable, something no one elses child would ever do and you were sure they would never have any friends again and no mother would ever let her child date date them…and now it’s just part of family history. And they are happily married,too.
Mothers, choose your battles. You don’t have to SEE everything your child does wrong. I thought I did with my first. Boy was I wrong. With my first, I thought they had to be in cute little outfits with socks matching…neatly pressed. By the time I got to my third…I was just happy if he had on underwear when he got out of the car. And shoes when we went to church.
And #3 has grown up just fine. How my boys survived ME is amazing.

Well, I don’t know how I got off on children and such from where I started. However, that, too, is the way God wired me. I can start on one thing and end up in a totally different idea before I get to the end of a sentence. Maybe, He made me that way to assure himself of laughs everyday as my friends and family try to figure me out. Oh well…He did say, ” Let the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.” I can only TRY to be righteous, but I can choose happiness and joy.