My friend Lynne tagged me to do this meme…so here goes:

ACCENT: Southern through and through, Ya’ll.

I DON’T DRINK: coffee…smells great, tastes nasty!

CHORE I HATE: Unloading the dishwasher.

PETS: Scooter, a 12 year old wire-haired fox terrier. Love him to death!

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Well, I have a new laptop, that I LOVE! I also have a cell
phone, a Palm Pilot that I rely on daily, a Nintendo DS that
is my mind candy when life gets lumpy.

PERFUME: I don’t wear much, but my favorite is a little known kind, called
Niven Morgan Gold. I found it in Destin and have since found it closer to
home. It is a very light fragrance. You can usually find it in speciaty

GOLD OR SILVER: Well, I have a whole wardrobe of jewelry in yellow gold. But my
tastes changed, and now I wear all white gold in my fine jewelry.
And, I love sterling silver also.

INSOMNIA: I haven’t slept all night in so long, that if I did, I’d probably be 6 ft.
under! My biggest complaint now is NIGHT SWEATS! YUCK!!

JOB TITLE: Well, my preference is QUEEN, :)….but my kids at school call me Mrs.
Owens. My boys call me Mom and my husband calls me all the time!

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: I asked Alex what he thought this would be, and he immediately
said,”compassion.” Well, I thought he said “Fashion”, and
while that is a fine trait to have, it would make me appear
to be quite shallow. I felt much better when he corrected

KIDS; Adam Ryan is 32, his wife Suzanne is 32, Alex Townsend is 25, and Ian David
is 24.

PHOBIAS: Lightning, spiders (actually any bug), and DENTISTS!!!

RELIGION: I am a Southern Baptist, and active in my church.

SIBLINGS: I have one sister, Joy.

TIME I WAKE UP: Usually I wake up about 5:30 every morning…or earlier if
Scooter’s bladder calls.

UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: Gee, that’s hard. I think the skill that has served me the
most is my ability to stay calm in an emergency and do
what has to be done quickly.
I also love arts and crafts and can figure out on my own
how to do the things that interest me.

VEGETABLE: I like tomatoes, broccoli, and black-eyed peas. Hate beets and

WORST HABIT: I am a pack rat. I just hate to throw things away…I may need them.

X-RAYS: Probably everything I have has been shot at one time or another. The

FAVORITE MEAL: My Mom’s beef liver in gravy, with her mashed potatoes, and fruit
salad…with sweet tea, of course. And ANYTHING chocolate, for

Thanks Lynne, this was fun. If you are reading this, consider yourself TAGGED!