Tonight is the weekly prayer meeting at our church for Alex. Each week, faithful friends, and family, and staff gather to pray for Alex. What a humbling thing this is. Just knowing that people care enough to go out and gather together in spite of busy schedules, is such a blessing to this mother. The group is getting specific in their prayers at this point. They are asking God to allow Alex enough strength to attend church on Easter Sunday. I remember when he was little, I used to dress he and Ian alike sometimes. I was (and still am) a believer in short pants for little boys….up to a point. They always wore the little white English sandals for church. They were the cutest little boys you’ve ever seen! So, in preparation for this year, I am going tomorrow to buy him a new pair of pants…LONG…and a new shirt and tie. I am believing that God is going to answer our request with a “YES!”. I am claiming the promises of God! I humbly ask you to add us to your prayer lists. I want to be able to stand up and say, “Look what God has done!” I want Alex to feel what it is like to be the recipient of God’s grace and mercy. I want him to know that he is standing in the shadow of the Great Physician. And I will give all praise to God!