This looks like the neatest gadget. And I love me a good gadget! How many times have you been to a motel and had to lay your phone on the nasty floor to charge it? If the outlet is not under the desk or behind the headboard, it’s right out in the open where your phone has the probability of getting stepped on. Or have you ever been at work, and you hear that little ‘beep’ that tells you your phone is sinking fast, so you plug it in to charge and then just walk right out and leave it to spend the night because it is not out in the open where you can see it. Friends, I may have the answer to your dilemma. If you are in a hotel room and the only open outlet is by the bathroom sink…this will keep your ‘link to the world’ high and dry. Hopefully, you can tell from the picture, but this gadget has a hole at the top for the cord to go through BEFORE it goes into the wall. Then it automatically forms a little ledge for your phone to rest and relax on. See, charging problems solved…easy as that. I know several folks on my list who are getting one of these this year…me included! You KNOW how hard it is to buy for young men….well, here you go! (My next post will be for men, too).

Order from THE SPOON SISTERS….cost $10.00…several colors
Fifth in a series of unusual Christmas gifts brought to you by Gatherings.