This is a book that I bought recently for a Christmas gift. And, actually, I gave one to my Mom last year, too. The title is PORTRAITS by Steve McCurry, a photographer for National Geographic. He says, in the foreword, “In PORTRAITS I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face…For me, the portraits in this book speak a desire for human connection, a desire so strong that people who know they will never see me again open themselves to the camera, all in the hope that at the other end someone will be watching…someone who will laugh or suffer with them……From an outpouring of pictures over 20 years, these are the faces I cannot forget.”

Friends, this is an awesome book. There are young faces and old…beautiful and ugly…rich and poor….happy and sad. But on them all, you see that “unguarded moment” where humanity peeked out. You can almost FEEL what they are feeling at the moment.

If you have someone on your gift list who appreciates beauty, who loves to travel, who can look at a picture and see something deeper…this is the book for them. The only place I have ever seen this book is at World Market, and it sells for $19.95.

(I beg the forgiveness of my photographer son who would have most certainly been able to get this picture without the sunspot…but alas, he’s off shooting a wedding.)

FIRST in a series of recommendations for gifts you may not have thought of. I shop all year for Christmas, and I love it when I find the PERFECT gift for someone.