On July 21, I received the following e-mail:

Hi Tonja,

I am writing to let you know that one of your photos has
been short-listed for inclusion in the fifth edition of our
Schmap Maui and Molokai Guide, to be published mid-August

What photo were they talking about? I love to take pictures and I would love to have the time to devote to learning more about photography. But, I certainly did not think any of my photos were worthy of publication. I was proud of how they turned out, but certainly no one else but my friends would. I mean, my son, Adam, is a professional photographer. And while I am positive he got his artistic talent from me…I have never thought of myself as a photographer of note. Anyway, I gave my permission for the photo to be considered. And… on August 13, this appeared in my e-mail…

Schmap Maui and Molokai Fifth Edition: Photo Inclusion

Hi Tonja,

I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo
has been selected for inclusion in the newly released fifth
edition of our Schmap Maui and Molokai Guide.

Well, isn’t that a hoot? I’m a published photographer! Ha! Now before you get any grand ideas that they chose this great photo evoking a Hawaiian beach and swaying palm trees or a beautiful, balmy sunset… Let me explain…

My 2 BFF and I took a trip to Hawaii…Maui in particular…last June. I knew it was going to be a trip of a lifetime and I planned to document everything so I could scrapbook it later. Then on the cold, winter days, I could pull out the scrapbook and relive that warm Hawaiian sunshine and the great time I had with Tina and Shirl.
One of the places we planned to visit…and eat at…was Mama’s Fish House. It is a legend on Maui, and rightfully so. We got there early, and spent time walking around the lovely gardens, watched a wedding in progress, and soaked up the ambiance. As we were going in to wait for our reservation, I snapped a quick picture of the sign. And that is the photo they published!

Photo: Tonja Owens
Mama’s Fish House
799 Poho Place
Maui and Molokai, HI 96779

Oh, well, so my claim to fame and my taste of the big time is kind of a let down….but, hey, I’ll take it….at least I can say, “I’ve been published!” And, this is the biggest chuckle…it didn’t even make the cut for my scrapbook! 🙂

This is the link to see it actually in the book!
Here are those swaying palm trees (actually in front of Mama’s Fish House) and the balmy sunsets.