I was surfing around the web and happened to find this cool ‘snow effect’ thing. I clicked on it and typed in the name of my blog…and ***POOF*** there it was.

I, being in a constant state of bewilderment these days, do not have any idea where that was. I could not go back there if you paid me. It was just one of those things…a passing ship in the night…etc.

However, since I LOVE to help out a friend…I did find this address when I clicked on it in my ‘compose page’…or some sort of place that I go to occasionally to change things around…you know, when the mood strikes…


At this hour of the morning, with myself being late for work while I am playing on the computer…I am not sure how to link to it…requires much concentration of which I do not have until later in the day….you understand…

I hope this helps…let me know in the comments, and I will do some more digging when I get home from my busy day of work and finishing the Creek House!
You, too, can have a lovely ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Tree’ . I made a quick stop at Walgreens on the way to work the other day. Had to lay in a supply of chocolates, to keep the teachers I work with happy and motivated. High on the shelf, I spied a box…and inside was the tree…complete with red ball and base. I actually put it together…BY MYSELF, in under 5 minutes! Really…and I am usually not good with carpentry skills and such! Hope you find one!