Einstein said, “If you can not explain something in simple terms…you really don’t understand it yourself.” And, so, I borrowed this ‘comment how-to’ from my friend Jean….’cause I really don’t understand it all myself.
YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER TO COMMENT ON BLOGS! Here’s how you leave a comment:

1. Click on “Comments” under the written post.
2. Write your comment in the big blank box.
3. Under “Choose an identity” click on “Name/URL.
4. In the Name box write your name, in the URL box write nothing at all because it’s optional.
5. Click on “Publish your Comment”.
Now, those of you who don’t have blogs…you have no excuse…it’s easy! We bloggers like to hear from our readers. It helps us to know if we are actually connecting to folks out in blog-land. So, come on, leave me a comment. REMEMBER: Be Honest (it is OK if you disagree with me), Be Kind (God says so!) and Be Accountable ( if you say it, sign it). I look forward to hearing from you.