Hi friends. We just got home a little while ago from the hospital. Don has TMJ which was the cause of the face and jaw pain. He’ll see an orthodontist for that. As far as the spot in the brain…still no definitive answer. It is definitely abnormal, but the Dr. here doesn’t know exactly what it is. So, we are being sent to Birmingham, where they will do more testing.

I thank you so for your prayers and concern. Please continue remembering us. Don is taking full advantage of this being “sick” thing, and I’ve about had enough. So, if you hear that he is back in the hospital…it’s because I had to intervene and teach him a thing or two. 🙂 He seems to forget that he doesn’t have that little button to push and summons help. Oh, he did like to use that. And ordering up whatever he wanted to eat? Well, that just will not work in this house.

Seriously, I thank God for you and the way you have lifted us up. Blessings to you all.