Does anyone remember that song from loooooong ago? When I would spend summers in NC as a little girl, I have such vivid memories of my cousin Harry singing this song. He would come in from the field….filthy…leave his work shoes on the porch lined up with all the other work shoes, and go get all spiffed up for a night out. There was 1 bathroom in Aunt Marie’s house…and we had better all be out of the way when Harry came home. All the time he was getting ready, I could hear him singing….loud and proud…”Here’s another Sad’day night and I ain’t got nobody. I got some money ’cause I just got paid. How I wish I had someone to talk to…I’m in an awful way.” * And that must have been all the words he knew because that is all I ever remember hearing…actually every one in the vicinity would hear him. Finally he would come out, his nicely pressed clothes…loafers…and sweater….and smelling
good. Not a care in all the world. I thought he was so cool. But more importantly…HE thought he was cool! Then he would make some funny joke or poke fun at somebody (usually me) or something (all in fun). And off he would go…still singing those same ‘ole 4 lines….as the screen door slammed behind him and he slid under the wheel…and drove out the long dirt driveway, and hit the highway. Aunt Marie would finish up in the kitchen,,,maybe begin preparing for Sunday dinner, and I would sit and watch TV with Uncle Arthur Lee. After she finished, she would bring Uncle Arthur a big slab of cake, and a glass of iced tea. If it wasn’t too late, I could have some too.
There’s was just a little house…with bead board ceilings, that was built many years ago. But, to me, on those evenings, it felt like the grandest place on earth. A place of love and comfort and belonging. A home that felt welcoming when you stepped into the little screen porch…and like a big, warm hug when you stepped into the den. A special place for a ‘city girl’ to make sweet memories to cherish still today.
* “Another Saturday Night” by Sam Cooke