As I had told you, I was home sick yesterday..wallowing in misery…feeling awful.
When Don got home, though, even in my sick and weakened state, I could tell something was up. He came into the room, with that little boy, kinda guilty look on his face…you know what kind of face I’m talking about. “Well, I did it!, ” he said. Words that cause a catch in my heart. “What did you do?” I asked sweetly. “I went ahead and did it, ” he said again. Obviously, he was stalling. (Now, let me say that my DH is not one to do things frivolously. He is the most logical, think-things-through kind of guy. He NEVER buys things on impulse…he never DOES things on impulse. Actually, he likes to talk things through…backwards and forwards…up one side and down the other…and upside down…again and again and again. And the only thing we have been MAJOR discussing lately were the house plans. So, I had no idea where this confession was going.) “Donald,” I said, “just go ahead and tell me what you did.” So he starts in on this long list of events that started yesterday morning. I heard every step he took and every word he spoke leading up to 1:00 yesterday afternoon. Whereupon he departed from our town with my Pop and a good friend of his, and set his sites on Lake Eufaula. Now in this area of the country, this is THE place to fish. And, he loves to fish, and Pop loves to fish, and my boys love to fish. And his good friend had bought a place at said Lake a few months ago. Well, this good friend had heard about a place that had just become available and it would be just “perfect” for Don and the guys. So naturally, they went up to see it. And, according to Donald, “it was everything I had ever wanted in a lake place.” So, he did it! He bought it …on the spot…right then and there! It is a mobile home…3 BR..2 Baths…central air….fully furnished…new beds and furniture…fully equipped kitchen, large covered deck with nice furniture, washer and dryer, t.v. He says, “I thought you wouldn’t want to have to worry about doing all that stuff, so I thought this would make it easier on you.” RIII-IGHT! Now, I am not a person who enjoys the lake. There is nothing happening there. It is sooo quiet….too quiet. There is nowhere to go. Nothing close by. No where to go out and eat. I do not like to swim in the lake and there is no where to lay out. Give me the beach any day. But, this was not about me…this was about him and the boys and Pop. And, they are all like a bunch of little boys talking about their first camping trip. They love to go and sit in the boat and hunt down the fish, and convince the fish to catch hold of their lines, then clean the fish, and cook the fish and eat the fish. And that, to them , is a fine way to spend the day…and the next day…and the next. I could lose my mind! ANYWAY…HE DID IT! He signed the papers this morning, and he has a lake place. And, I am happy for him, and the boys and Pop, and the rest of the male members of the family. I think that anything that keeps the family spending time together and gives them a wholesome, relaxing activity to participate in is great. They can leave the boats there and take the watercraft down with them. And, they’ll have a ball. So, all is well, he is happy…and I am happy he is happy! But, as I told him…this does not mean that is vacation central for us now. We still have to make our annual trek to the beach! And I got his promise on that!