This internet has changed the world as I knew it. People who I will never meet know my stories. And I know theirs. People in all walks of life, whose paths would never cross mine, cross my mind all through the day. Because I have read about them. Because I feel empathy with them. Because I am praying for them. But, we are not friends, not even acquaintances, really…just blog writers sharing innermost thoughts and cares. Just hoping someone reads and understands what is on our hearts and minds.

I have read, as I am sure some of you have, of a little girl named Cora. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a few weeks back and has been fighting for her life since. She went to live with Jesus yesterday. I make no presumption to know this family other than reading their story on their blog. I found their story by reading of it from another blog. You know how we go ‘surfing’ when something catches our interest. Anytime I read of a child with cancer, I immediately go back to 1978 when I found out my own child was himself a victim of this same horrible form of childhood cancer. His diagnosis came out of the blue, just as it did for this sweet girl. But, his story had a much happier ending. Adam is now 34, married, and a son to be proud of. His story is on my sidebar, if you are interested.

There is also a sweet girl from my hometown who is fighting another form of cancer in Birmingham. Her parents attend to her and watch and wait and pray. Her name is Hannah Grace.

And the hospitals are full of those I don’t know. When one goes home, another one takes his place. And it goes on and on and on.

I do not know why God allows children to suffer. I do not know why any child has to have cancer. I think He should do away with it all together. I think that would be a fine idea…and I do not know why He doesn’t think that would be a fine idea, too. It is at times like these that it is easy to ‘lose faith’ and wonder if God is really watching? Does He see what is happening to the little ones? Why doesn’t He heal them all?

I can not answer all the questions. I can only attest to what I know. And this I know. He does care. He loves the ‘little ones’ even more than their families. His heart breaks when He sees them hurting. His heart breaks when he sees a Mom caressing a tiny head, gently brushing the hair back. His heart breaks when He sees a Daddy standing watch, wanting to ‘go to battle’ for his child…but not knowing who to fight.

But, we see through our eyes and not His. We feel with our hearts and not His. We understand with our minds, not His. He is good…all the time. His ways are perfect…all the time.