FINALLY…I got Don to hang some art on my walls. My dear husband is a perfectionist…and very OCD about some things. Hanging pictures is one of them. 3 pieces of art on the walls…6 hours spent. Not even kidding. He measures and measures and measures….then writes it down and measures again. Then he begins mapping out the placement on the walls and checks it out from every angle. Proceeds to measure again, then and only then do we mark it with a pencil. Deciding which type of hanger to use takes another half hour, as you must weight the benefits of each and decide which will leave the smallest hole in his new, fabulously painted wall. His current fav is the Monkey Hook…and we have a supply of those ready and waiting! According to him, we do not need to put ANYTHING on the walls. It has only taken a month and a half to bring him around to my way of thinking. ANYWAY…
below is a window cover from the same temple in Mongolia that the doors used for my table came from. This is over 300 years old. I love the simple graphic lines of it against the wall. (The wall is a pale green…not grey like it looks).

I balanced precariously on a stool, holding the camera over my head to get this next picture for you. This is at the top.

I got a little bored and went to the computer for a while…big mistake. He hung the clock without my input. Too high! But, he won’t agree to lower it, because of the hole . This may be a project I have to work in while he is away. There IS a way to cover up that hole and make another one…I just know it. And, I’ll find it, too.

This is the one that took 3 hours. But to be fair, he did have to hang the light above it, too.

I hung this quilt from Hawaii in my back foyer. It took less than 10 minutes. It is straight, you cannot see the nails. I’m just saying…

Ian came to help him with my beautiful distressed mirror. They worked on it for over an hour. There is not a way to hang it that they can figure out. It weighs over 100 pounds and they are afraid the wall won’t support it or something like that. I’m gonna have to find someone who knows a little more about it. Bummer! Oh, that is a towel at the top…put there by DH to keep the wall clean.

You can’t see me in my pajamas, in the mirror, can you? Good! ‘Cause THAT is NOT a pretty picture!