It is almost gone…2007, that is. Almost a memory, a thing of the past. It was a good year, and I will be sad to see it go…but not really. With it go the things I wish I could do again, the times I wish I had paid attention more, the times I didn’t stop, but barrelled on, the times I should have spoken up, but kept silent, and the times I kept silent, but should have spoken up. With it go the regrets, the missed opportunities, the mistakes. And hopefully a wiser me starts down this new road. I’ve heard it said that everything you have gone through and experienced is what makes you who you are today. So, then, I am compilation of these regrets, these mistakes. True…but, then I am also made up of the joys and happiness I have experienced this year. Many happy times with family, and fun times spent with friends. Fun seeing other lands, travelling, experiencing a different kind of living. Lessons learned while teaching, patience learned by being impatient. Joy experienced watching boys grow into men, and soar off to see the world for themselves. Watching talent spring forth and grow and become even greater. Watching wisdom take hold and gentleness bloom in the midst of suffering. Watching brotherly love in action. Seeing dreams come closer to reality, and new dreams following close behind. Seeing God answer some prayers with “yes,” but some with “wait”. And learning to wait…and wait.
This then has been my 2007. And it will be a big part of my 2008. For the ‘more things change, the more they stay the same’…so I’ve heard. And there really is ‘nothing new under the sun’…so the Bible says. What WILL change is my reactions, my understanding, and my outlook…with God’s help.
So, come on in, 2008…I’m ready…and excited…and hopeful.