UH! OH! When Alex saw my post yesterday, he said, “Mama, don’t you talk bad about my dog..he’s a good boy.” I told him that I was just stating the facts. Then he said,”You know Scooter doesn’t like to be embarrassed.” And I said, ” well, then don’t let him read my blog!” (This was all in jest, by the way)

Obviously, Alex let Scooter read the blog…and Scooter showed his displeasure…during the night…in the middle of my den…on the carpet…at least a gallon.

Alex and I have been on our knees trying to wick up the ‘moisture’…then start to work on the stain. Scooter has been watching quietly from the sidelines…head down…just watching us work. This is not the way I planned to start my Friday.

I told Alex long ago that nothing good would ever come from teaching a dog to read…somethings are better left in their natural state.

Scooter is under my feet, as I type. I know what he’s he thinking. You don’t live with 5 males for as many years as I have without learning to decipher their subtle facial expressions and body language. Men, boys, dogs…makes no difference…a Mom can just tell.

“Hey Mom, quess we are even now, huh?” “Scooter, don’t talk to me in that tone of bark!”