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On our trip to Birmingham last weekend, we got to spend some time with our youngest son,Ian. He is in grad. school. He invited us for dinner one night…and this is what he served. We were pleasantly surprised. It is N.Y. strip and grilled salmon on tossed blue cheese salad accompanied by grilled peaches in rosemary oil. WOW! He is 23 and has found out he has quite a flair for cooking. Now, I have to be honest…he never got a meal like that from me when he lived at home. Somehow, I was born without the “cooking” gene. Cooking happens to be my least favorite thing to do. My mom and my sister are excellent cooks…as was my MIL…but none of it has rubbed off on me. I can pull off a good meal if necessary…but it is not of my list of fun things to do. However, Ian is having a blast learning new cooking skills and his roommate doesn’t mind testing out his new creations. Needless to say…we are very proud of him…not just in this…but in so many ways. Thanks, Ian, for a wonderful visit.