This is what I ate for breakfast…

This is what I drank my Diet Dr. Pepper in…

This is on my body…..

These are on my feet…..

IF I should feel like cooking today…I’ll use this…


Yeah, Yeah, I am doing a happy dance! Right here in the den! OOOOH! Life is good and all is well at this moment in time. Our architect called Don and told him that I had, indeed, checked with him before I ordered the kitchen piece…AND he had OKed it! AND, his plan was to move the door a few inches and he had just not told the builder yet! I am happy! I am not dumb as dirt! I did not go stupid! I can use a ruler! I can add more than just up to the number of fingers I have! Oh, yes, this is a HAPPY DAY !

“I was right !!!!”



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