There are things in this great world of ours that are destined to receive the title of ‘classic’. I’m sure you can think of several. There are those people who live among us, I’m sad to say, that think they can make ‘classic’ just a little bit better. How foolish. The great “Coke” fiasco comes to mind. Remember when they tried to change it, and “make it better”? Well, discerning taste buds world over refused to accept this and soon, they brought “Coke Classic” back to its rightful place on the store shelves. Personally, I don’t like Coke products and think the ONLY soft drink fit to consume is Diet Dr. Pepper and its twin Dr. Pepper, but that is beside the point. However, you don’t see the gurus of this company playing around with success, now do you?
And, now, here is the next product to think it can be made more consumable by us consumers. Reese’s P-nut Butter cup. Can you even imagine they would try to improve upon the perfection that it is already? Well, it’s true. Think, if you will, about the divine taste of yummy chocolate melting in your mouth, and then the burst of flavor that comes when you get to the p-nut butter. Then they mix and mingle in your mouth, and your taste buds actually do the ‘happy dance’. It is a ‘party in my mouth’ if you will. Hey, that would be a good blog title, wouldn’t it? But, I digress. The head honchos at Reese’s…parent company Hershey, no less…have recently made the same grievous error. Maybe Hershey hired the brains who thought up New Coke when the Coca-Cola Company fired them…I don’t know. But, recently, upon my weekly trip to purchase good nutritious food for my family, I spied Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar and Reese’s Select Clusters! What a sad thing it is to think that the Hershey company is heading down the same slippery slope that the Coke company did. I can just imagine that the Crispy Crunchy Bar is actually not so very…crispy or crunchy…and does not even have a hint of the original p-nut butter and chocolate mix. And, I would think that the Select Clusters may have a little of the p-nut butter taste, but not so much of the chocolate taste, because it gets overwhelmed by the actual p-nuts in the mix. I am actually pretty accurate in my ‘imaginings’ especially when it comes to chocolate, the most basic of food groups…just so you know.
Below is a picture of the offending candy so you will not be fooled when you are cruising through Winn-Dixie, or Piggly-Wiggly, or Target, or Wal-Mart. Look carefully before you reach for the familiar orange wrapper…it could be an attempt to “crash” that “party in your mouth…and that is NOT a good thing.
Why, no, I did not eat these. I found them lying on the counter just like this. I do not live alone, you know. I started a diet a week ago and these are not on the ‘foods allowed’!
P.S. I wrote a poem one time about eating Sugar Free Mini Reese’s P-nut Butter Cups.
But it would take some mighty fine begging for me to share that with you.