The day that my oldest son, Adam, brought Suzanne into our lives was a blessed one indeed! I love her as if she were my own. She is the best thing to ever happen to Adam, and I am so thankful they are travelling life together!

I am always delighted to be around her. We’ve taken some fun trips, and there will be many more of those! We may not like exactly the same things, but we do love shopping together!

Suzanne came into our family…and truly became part of our family. She loved Mom, and they shared the same aesthetic. They could ooh and aah over a piece of fancy glass like you wouldn’t believe. Mom loved her, and appreciated her.

She and Pop have a very sweet relationship, as well. She is always taking him something good to eat. He says often just how happy he is that she is part of our family now.

And, here she is with the love of her life. I feel so blessed that Adam’s heart is safely held in hers. That is a gift I do not take for granted!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I love who you are, I love your sweet smile, I love your kind and gentle heart. My birthday wish for you is that all the dreams you are holding and keeping in your heart come to fruition in the coming year. God bless you today and always.