Guess where I am standing? Right! I’m at the Creek House! Here’s what I saw today.

Look how good the mortar wash is looking. It is such a relief to get rid of that tacky brick! This just makes the whole house look better.

Can you tell that the mortar wash is darker here? It is sort of hard to see. But, this will be the accent color on the house.

The beams are going up inside the den and dining room. I watched them put one of them up and it scared me just seeing them…so I got out of there, and left it to the experts. It takes about 6 of them, and they are up so high…not fun.

Another view of the outside. The heat index here today is 105! I know they are burning up. But, inside, it is even hotter!

They are painting inside and I am so loving the colors. They are very calm and soothing…which can only be a positive around our house!

Our builder says all is coming along as it should…no glitches so far. I must admit that I did kind of cause a little bump in things yesterday. It was planned to paint all the cabinets in the house the same greeny-grayish color. And I like that, BUT, when I realized that it was going to be in my closet, too….I just thought it would be too dark. They have already painted the drawer fronts, but had not painted the room yet, so I had them change it. They will just have to repaint the drawer fronts and they spray those, so maybe they won’t talk about me too bad! I also had them add a chandelier in my closet over the island. That was an easy fix.

Can’t believe it is all coming together so quickly….after so many years of waiting and planning. We are blessed to be able to do this and all thanks go to God for allowing us to experience this joy! But, I still have miles to go in sorting through this house…you just collect a lot of junk in 30 years! I better get back to work!