What’s wrong with this first picture? Today I pulled into Lowe’s parking lot and and could not park close to the door because someone left their buggy in the middle of this handicapped spot! I pulled on down…actually way on down to find a place to park. As I came up the aisle, I headed for the buggy to take it inside. Lo and behold, I saw a lady, quite a bit younger than me, taking the buggy she had just used and putting it behind this one. “Oh, my, I guess you didn’t see that this is a handicapped space,” I said to her as I hobbled up with my cane. “I tried to park here but some one else must have thought the same thing.” She said, “Well, I just saw this one here and thought I would put mine here, too.” I said, “Well, if you will excuse me, I’d like to get that other buggy and take it in so the next handicapped person doesn’t have to pass up this space.” So, I got the first buggy and started walking to the covered entrance. I pushed it up next to the door and turned around to see the woman still standing in that spot…just staring at me…hands still on her buggy. So, I turned around and went back to the parking lot. When I got close enough…she still had not moved…I said, “Just a minute and I’ll take your buggy, too.”. She gave me a look meant to do me bodily harm and then she sashayed herself right past me and said, “I can put up my own buggy.” I just turned back around to go into the store . She put her buggy right next to mine and said, “You’d think they would tell you where to put them when you are finished with them.” I couldn’t resist. I said, “See all those buggies next to those red poles…right there in front of your car. The sign on the other side says, PARK BUGGIES HERE or something close.”

Then she just looked at me and said, “Well, I never.” Never…what? Never saw the cart corral?  Never saw someone put a buggy away before?   Or never put one up herself?  I left her at that point. ‘Cause I had made 2 trips from the parking lot to the store and I knew I had to make that trip again to get back to my car!

Please do the right thing and put up your buggies! And, please don’t block handicapped spaces. It is a kindness to all those who need them!