Ian came over the other day to show me his new motorcycle. He rides it back and forth to work every day. He has customized this one with these pipes. It is loud…but, he likes it that way!
People ask me often if it bothers me that my boys and Don ride. The answer is no. Since they were little boys and learned to ride a bicycle, they have been riding. Their Pop has taught them well…and Joy’s girls, too. He would take them to ride in the loose sand, so they would know how it felt. He taught them to ride in mud and on wet grass and loose gravel…all kinds of surfaces. This was so when they encountered that surface, they would already know how the bike would respond. That is the cause of so many accidents when an unexperienced rider hits an unfamiliar terrain. They have worn helmets from the beginning. They have never been allowed to ride without them…even in the yard! Also, they learned to ride in proper attire…long sleeved shirt, long pants, sox and shoes and helmet! This is the proper way to avoid road burn if you fall. And they have fallen…and got right back on. There have been broken things, and sprained things and burned things…but, it has always been due to driver error.
Because they grew up on motorcycles, they have learned from the beginning, that you have to watch 10 times more closely than if you are driving a car. You HAVE to watch the other drivers and anticipate them doing something stupid…or anticipate them not seeing you at all. That is why they always ride with lights on. Actually, because they learned to ride a motorcycle, and learned the road rules to get their license, they are much better drivers in the car. That same teaching follows them as they drive. BTW…Pop is still riding at 82…but only with a buddy!
I have never wanted my boys to be afraid to try new things or be afraid that they might ‘get hurt.’ Life is full of bumps and bruised…even breaks…but if you never get out there and try…look at all the fun you miss. Now, I must hasten to say this. We were very strict about the way they behaved on their motorcycles. Doing ‘show-off’ things and acting the fool were never tolerated. One of the boys decided to test whether we meant that or not. He had begun riding to school and of course since none of the other boys had driver’s license yet, he thought he was ‘big stuff.’ We caught wind of something he did…they always said we had spies out everywhere…and he lost all riding privileges for a month. Quite a lesson to go from Mr. Big Stuff to Mommy Drives Me To School! Lesson learned.
Adam and his Pop took a 1600 mile trip on their bikes when Adam was around 18. I do not know who enjoyed it more…Adam or Pop! Ian took his to school with him and rode back and forth to Dothan and around Birmingham. He rides a lot now…and is getting some riders groups meeting together since he is back in town.
May, I remind you…as you tool around in your car…Please look out for motorcycles. They really do have as much right to the road as we do in our cars. Don’t think you can pull out in front of them just because you are in a bigger vehicle. Be careful…it could be one of my boys and certainly some mother’s son or daughter.
BTW…I rode a motorcycle to school when I was in High School,too. Yes, I was the only girl doing so. Yes, all the boys were envious. Yes, I though I was too cool. Yes, it was a Stud Magnet…not that that mattered to me…:). I also took a bike to school when I was in Birmingham. Lots of fun. I gave up riding when I began to have children, but now Don and I love to ride. And we are fortunate that many of our friends enjoy it also. We love to all get together and ride somewhere for dinner. We went up to the mountains a few years ago and it was a blast. But, now, I get to just sit back and chill out and leave the driving to Don.
Oh! My! Goodness! Look what I just spied in the back of Don’s truck! Kayaks! I guess boys need their toys for as long as they live.

Looks like more lake time coming up!