Time has such a way of marching …faster and faster and faster.  The days go by, and the weeks and months and then the years are gone.  Memories are all that remain.  And, the fun-filled, happy ones are definitely the best!

Our extended family here in Dothan is very close.  Mom made it a point that we were together as often as possible.  Any excuse for her to fix a meal and have everyone over was always on her agenda.  My children and Joy’s children grew up together…in church, in school, at Granny and Papa’s house.  They were and still are great friends.  After Mom moved to Heaven, Joy and I discussed how we wanted to make sure this continued with the next generation.  An even though Levi and John Thomas live in different towns…they see each other enough to play together, and love each other.

But, since a day here and once a day there is not enough…BOOGALOO CAMP was formed 3 years ago.  This is a time when Joy and I take our daughters and our daughters-in-love and their children away for about 5 days.  The beach has ben our destination since we bought our beach house about the same time.  Besides…we all LOVE the beach!  It is a time of fun, food, crafts for the boys, swimming, shopping, and surprises!


We have just returned from our 3rd camp.  I want to share it with you and document it for posterity  (In our family, it seems I am the only one who tries to keep records and pictures for those who come after…it just seems quite important to me).

Joy and I arrived a few days earlier and got food together and set things up.  Then the rest of the crew arrived.  Because it was a little cloudy and hard rain forecast for the next two days, they decided to take advantage of the sunshine and hit the beach!  Of course, the beach and the sand was off limits to me with my bum knee.  But, a little quiet time with a good book is always a treat!



John Thomas after a quick dip in the ocean!






IMG_1961 copy




We ended our last day together back in the  water again.  This time at a PCB water park.  The boys love it.  The park has a pool that’s about 3 feet deep and all kinds of equipment to play on, climb on, and slide on!  Then, also 2 large Olympic size pools also!  It’s so nice and clean.  Here are a few shots from there…


John Thomas passed the test!




The first and last time Levi attempted the big slide.  He said, “It’s too dark in there!”  I’m with him!


It’s obvious the girls get their beauty from their mother.  Love my beautiful sister!


Just a short rest time…






More to come in Part 2…..