You’ll never believe this…but my Adam is back in surgery. Suzanne took him back to B’ham for a check-up today…and they send him straight to emergency surgery. His retina has torn…again. They are going to try a different procedure this time. Oh, my…what a mess. Sweet Suzanne was there alone…but Ian went to be with her as soon as he got off. He will take care of her and they will stay with Ian tonight.

The ants are back in my pantry and in my kitchen. This is the third time the bug man has come.

The air conditioning unit in the back of our house had a melt down yesterday.

I moved my car so the a/c man could get to the attic access. Ran the car into the side of the house…hurt car…scraped and broke house…made husband very unhappy.

Does anyone have a case of Calgon? 🙂