I have just returned from shopping…in the cold…in the rain…in the crowds. I actually enjoy getting out and getting into the crowds and enjoying the sounds and signs of the season. Call me crazy! I had a pleasant time…as long as I was inside! But, WHOA NELLY!, when I stepped outside…it was a different story.

What is the big deal, folks? None of us are going anywhere fast during this time of year. You should know that. Trying to cross a walkway, I was almost run down twice! And, I had the right of way…they had a stop sign. Instead, I found myself having to run…on the slick road…in the rain…in the cold.

People…BE COOL…you know there is going to be major traffic, and you know people are going to be walking where you are driving. It is the only way we can get to our car, so we can join in the driving train! It costs nothing to let another car get in line in front of you. It is the right thing to do! Cause I promise, you’re gonna be the one who wants to get in the line soon, and you want someone to return the favor.

And another thing, when I decide to be kind and use the good manners my parents taught me…for heaven’s sake, don’t blow the horn at me and tell me to hurry up! I happen to believe that ‘what goes around, comes around’…and I want what’s coming to me, to be kindness. So should you! Remember this…

And, I’d be mighty careful about being rude to pedestrians trying to cross in front of you…you never know who it might be!!!