A few days ago, my computer, my near and dear laptop, had a meltdown. I was furiously typing away when all of a sudden, it decided to take a nap. It went to sleep, and would not wake up. Panic time!
I immediately called the resident computer guru in my
house, Alex, and he came to see what he could do. “Mom,” he said, “I don’t know what you did this time. I can not get it to come back on. Take it in to the computer store, and let them see.” I was sad. I was upset. I was devastated. I really had done nothing different than I had always done. Really! I could just hear Don. He takes great delight in saying to me…”Tonja, you could tear up an anvil.” And I must admit I do tend to be unlucky around my electronic toys. So, the next day, I took it to the store and asked them to fix it. And I waited…for almost a week. They called me and said it was ready. ( Now, I hate to tell you the rest of the story…I really do. But, I try to tell the whole truth…as much as I can…so here goes. ) I went to pick it up. “That will be $50.00,”he said. Well that was not as much as I expected. I figured it would be much more than that. “What was wrong with it?”, I asked. “Well, we ran a diagnostic check on it and everything checked out fine…nothing was wrong,” he said. Did you hear that? NOTHING WAS WRONG!!!I felt like my computer was doing this to me.

How could I have thought something was wrong? I don’t feel quite so bad since Alex thought something was wrong, too. The nice man at the computer store said that maybe I should consider getting this computer instead of the one I currently own.
Very funny.
He kind of smiled when he said it, but I could tell he was serious. So, I paid him and took my computer and left. Getting in the car all I could think was, “I am dumb as dirt. Who takes their computer in to be fixed when NOTHING is wrong with it? Who does things like that?” I bet the computer fixer was thinking,”Hey, easy money…hope she comes back!” However, the worst insult came when I got home and booted up my dear friend and this message came up…

How tacky is that? I mean, I have told this computer all my stories, showed it all my pictures, introduced her to all my friends. And then she says things like that! Oh well, I think I’ll just go to the mall. I’m looking for something…