Well, friends, I am a little less pooped now, and I wanted to report to you that Suzanne, Mary and I had a delightful time. Of course, Suze did all the driving, much to our delight. We had beautiful weather…just COLD! Wow! Tuesday, we almost froze! We made it to Atlanta Monday evening, and had time to shop at about 5 stores, before they closed. Tacky of them, wasn’t it? Had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and took our desert to go. We checked into our motel…big disappointment. But we knew it probably would be. Since we were going to be shopping at the Mart on Tuesday, we wanted to be downtown, so we could be right there when they opened, and leave our car parked close. I won’t say the name of the place, but it is right across the street from the Mart, and it is not a Weeks Inn. However, good company rules the day, and we made the best of the situation, and managed to keep smiling. Got our stuff in, and settled down to our lovely dessert. Yum! Yum! Such a nice way to go to sleep! We got up early and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I’ll just say that it was right in keeping with the rest of our experience there. We were so not impressed. But, it was better than having nothing…and since our trip was about shopping, not eating…we managed to forget the unhappy start to the day and carry on with our plans. There are 3 days of shopping at the Mart that are called cash-and-carry days. And many of the vendors housed there, drop their prices and attempt to sell some of the things they need to get rid of before the next season’s items start arriving. WOO HOO! Lots of stuff! Good Stuff! At good prices! But, waaaaay too many people! Wow, it was crowded. Luckily, they had a place for you to check your packages during the day, and then pick them all up when you left. So, we got all our things together…and may I say, there was much to gather…verily 3 ginormous bags full…and LO! it was sorely heavy…heavy as to cause a person to stumble mightily, and fall to the ground in pain and agony and with much gnashing of teeth! So, it was decided that Mary and Suze would go get the car and I…YES I…should stand outside beside the road in the freezing, windy cold weather of (NOT)Hotlanta. And I stood in my appointed place, thusly guarding all said loot, with my broken and bruised and tired body! But, being of unsound mind, by this time, I did it all with an uncomplaining spirit, because that is just the kind of girl I am. Willing to suffer mightily, so my family and friends could get their presents come Christmas time. I think that puts me up their with Santa’s Elves or maybe even with the jolly ‘ole soul himself! We shoved the goodies into the back of the car, and proceeded with haste out of Atlanta. There was still one more stop to make…before closing time. And being the kind of women who like to meet a challenge and WIN…we made it…To Columbus, Ga. and the Hobby Lobby. There we managed to spend the few remaining $$$$$ we had left, and we drove on home…with visions of fun, family, and frivolity in our heads!

So, to summarize: