Today the kindergarten students learned how to draw 3 simple leaves.



Pretty simple for us, but not so much for little fingers.  They worked hard and made some very admirable art!  We then had the fun of coloring them by blending chalk into the watercolor paper…with our fingers of course!  Oh what fun!  Even though some used waaaay too much chalk…it was so fun to blend it around, they just couldn’t help themselves!  I certainly get that…don’t you!




We had a great chance to talk about how every leaf is different.  They are not supposed to look the same because every artist sees them differently.   Same with our pumpkins last month.   It’s so important to accept the work that a child does in art just as it is.  His creative mind is stimulated by putting on paper what he sees in his mind.


We should never change it or add to it because in their minds, its perfect.  Praise, acceptance and acknowledgement are wonderful tools to encourage more art.


Then, they practiced their skill of cutting out their leaves!  All that cutting angles and curves took a little while…but they were diligent and got it done.  They then chose the perfect spot on the tree for their leaf!





(photo bomber…Ms. Allison)


Stop by and see out beautiful fall artwork in the lobby.  Your children are so amazing!  Compliment them on the magnificent job they did in producing such fine works of art!