I am here to tell you, friends, that I am tired of winter. I want it to be on its merry way. I am sure somewhere in the world there are people anxiously awaiting its arrival. Sure, I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful snow in your pictures, I’ve enjoyed having a chance to wear my sweaters, and boots, I have even enjoyed warming up by the fire, sipping hot chocolate or spiced tea. But, enough is enough. This weather is so hard on my joints, I ache all the time, and since my immunity is compromised, I catch everything that comes around. Now, I realize that God has this season thing all worked out for the good of the whole universe, and I have no illusions that He will make concessions just for this weary, freezing, cold lady in South AL. But, I just need the sunshine to function at my optimum level. Come soon, spring, come soon!

I did find one thing that is good about winter………

And that silver lining….it’s best when wrapped around a delicious chocolate bar!