(sing to tune of G*ll*gan’s Island Theme)

Now sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a whaling trip.
That started from a tropic port,
Aboard a Pacific Whale Foundation Ship.

The sisters were mighty sailing mates
The skipper was female, too.
Sixty passengers set sail today,
Into the ocean blue.

We sailed first left and then sailed right
We sailed in circles, too.
They promised whales…Where were the whales?
Oh, my, what will we do?

Look there! No, here! Off to the right!
Is that a whale I see?
It IS a whale, and another whale…
And the baby makes it 3.

They played, they breached, they spouted spray,
They moved so very fast…
A flipper here, another there
And the fluke showed up at last.

The weather never did get rough,
We never did get tossed.
No one was scared…quite fearless all
Not a single person lost.

Now back to port and off the boat
And back now on dry land.
Such fun was had…the sisters say,