ALOHA 3-15-10 MONDAY part 2

Up and out on this our last full day in Paradise. Much to do…gotta squeeze every bit of fun out of this day (as Pop would say)! Since I have not eaten breakfast a single time since I have been here, why start today? Joy has a purchase she needs to make so we are headed to Lahaina…then to Paia and Makawao…and back to Ka’anapali.

Top down and ready to go. First stop, Lahaina. Jewelry store. ‘Nuff said.

While waiting on a minor adjustment to be done on something Joy or I may or may not have bought…we went next door…to Kimo’s (where I got sick on Sunday) and had the Hula Pie, which is a wonderful tradition here in Lahaina.

We finished our business in Lahaina and headed back Upcountry to Paia. I love this gallery and I try to visit everytime I come. They have some wonderful painting and pottery. Also some jewelry and fiber arts. Oh, and obviously I picked up the wrong lipstick…must have been Joy’s…’cause I do not wear anything that dark.

Did a little shopping and then Joy wanted to go back to Makawao, so we did. She picked up what she needed and we headed back to the motel. We wanted to visit the beach before leaving tomorrow. Oh, and someone has to pack up all that stuff!

On the way to the beach, we saw a wedding in the courtyard of the hotel…

Joy trying to decide if she’s going to stay or get on the plane with me tomorrow…

I wrote my name in the sand…and let it wash away. Each time I visit I do this before I leave…and I have always returned. Hope it works this time, too!

Do you see that big wave behind me? That breaking wave? Looks like when it breaks it will come all the way up to where I am, doesn’t it? If you were behind the camera and you saw this giant wave coming up behind the person standing there smiling so pretty for the camera wouldn’t you tell them so as to keep them from being drenched and perhaps being swept out to sea? Yeah…I would, too. Joy wouldn’t.

I forgave her and let her get in this picture with me.

We walked on down to the Whaler’s Village and had dinner at a very nice restaurant. We were fortunate that we were able to be seated outside. I had pistachio crusted mahimahi, risotto, and steamed vegetables. When I made a picture of this, a man at the next table said, “Do you always make pictures of your food?” “I am a blogger,” I said, “and my readers want all the details of this trip!” Obviously, he was of little culture and understanding about the ways of the world. :0)

And, walking to the hotel, we left footprints in the sand…

…and the waves rolled over them…

…and they were gone…



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