This was a long night and I didn’t sleep very much. Early the next morning, our Pastor, Ken Harrison, came by. Pouring out my heart to him, I said how unfair this was and maybe I had done something to cause God to punish my baby. He was a fiery, old-time country preacher, and he jumped up and shook his finger in my face. “Don’t you ever let me hear you say that again”, he said,”that is not the way God does things. If you needed punishing, God would punish you. This is happening and God will be the One to see you through!” I knew his words were true, but I was at a loss to find some sense in this crisis.

The plans were made to send us on to Birmingham. When we finished with the 24 hour urine collection, we were on our way home. I found out later that the type of tumor that Adam had puts out a certain substance and it always show up in a 24=hour collection, and it did in Adam’s case. When we got to our house, it was full of friends. They had a meal for us, and were there to love on us and give us support. We packed and quickly ate, then joined our hands in a circle and had prayer. My sweet, sweet Aunt Katherine who was like a second mother to me…not really an aunt, but so much more than a friend….prayed for us all. People…she and Jesus were real tight. They talked often, and she went boldly to Him and asked for healing. It was as if we all had a taste of the glory of the Lord that day…He filled my den and wrapped us all up in his tender loving arms. A feeling I will never forget. Aunt Katherine lives with Jesus now and I know she is one happy lady to be with her Saviour every day. I miss her, her kind ways, and her quiet wisdom.

Don was having major stomach problems through out this time. Virus…nerves? I think it was a little of both. Remember we were young, He was 27 and I was 25…just younguns’ ourselves. His sister, Beth, drove us to Birmingham. Time was of the essence, so they told us to go quickly, but safely. Don was crashed in the backseat and Beth, Adam and I were in the front. We pulled up at Children’s Hospital about dark. Don was so ill, so I checked us in while Beth took care of Adam. Then they gave us papers and told us to report to the 6th floor. We got in the elevator and I felt like the closing doors were sealing me in a tomb of despair. When the doors opened, we got off and there were 2 little guys pushing IV poles…laughing and playing,,,but no hair. Here comes a mother pulling a child down the hall in a wagon. The child was very ill and not smiling at all…neither was the Mom. Walking down the hall, looking into rooms, were children in various stages of cancer…some crying, some playing…but all without hair. I freaked! I turned around and went back to the elevator with Adam and got inside and pushed the bottom floor button. When we got out I went straight outside. My plan was to get in the car and go home. I guess I thought if I didn’t stay, it wouldn’t happen. Crazy, huh? I think that was when the reality of the situation hit me…and I realized my baby was going to be one of those on that hall. Beth and Don followed me and by the time they arrived, I had pulled it together. Don just put his arm around me and Beth took Adam, and back up we went. And this time, when those doors closed, I had resigned myself to get through the coming weeks. My worst fears were about to come true. My baby and I were getting off this elevator to fight for his life.