I admit it, friends, I am a quirky soul. I actually like rusty things. The rusting process is a fascinating one to me, and I think the color it produces is beautiful. This pan used to belong to my MIL. I took it outside one day to give the dog some water, and obviously forgot about it. Walking through the yard today, I spied it, next to this tree…no more a dull silver…but a rusty orange and yellow. It was left and forgotten and the nature of the material took over, and it went its own way. It has been left to the elements …the storms, the rainy days, the cold, the harshness of life. It is no longer useful…and some would say it is only fit to be thrown away. I however will keep it around. #1…because I think it’s pretty and #2…to remind me that when things (like our Spirit, our Heart, our Soul) are not looked after and guarded by the Word, they will go their own way and become something that is not useful. If we, who are pounded by the storms, rainy days, and the harshness of life, do not have Someone to hide in, we will become like the pan. Some may still think us beautiful…on the outside, but what we were created for will be gone.