Mom and Pop came over to see Alex soon after he returned home today. Here he is showing then a video of his doctor’s instructions. He can actually see that small screen!

This shows just how happy he and his granny are! A precious pic!

Alex and Don enjoying the backyard! The first time he has really seen it all at once.

Showing off the pool to Granny and Pop.

He has to patch one eye or the other to correct the double vision for now. On Thursday, he will get his glasses with prism to correct that. Also, he has to sleep in goggles at night to avoid putting any pressure on the eyes. Cannot get them wet or touch them for 2 months! Sooo worth it!

Sweet Granny made Alex a big pan of her famous macaroni and cheese. And an angel food cake with strawberries. Yummy! Hoping he’s gonna share! 🙂