TIME: a few weeks back
PLACE: my den
CHARACTERS: myself and DH

DH: (enters with papers in hand) “Well, it looks as if I’m going to have to go out of town at the beginning of October.”
T: “Do you have a convention?”
DH: “Not exactly.”
T: “What does that mean?”
DH: Well, Y***** is sponsoring the trip, but it’s not a convention.”
T: “Well, what IS it?”
DH: “It’s a reward trip…I won it.”
T: “Where is it?”
DH: “Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested. I think I’ll just see if Alex is up to going with me?”
T: “Where’s the trip, D(Full name)?”
DH: “Oh, let’s see, I forget the name of the exact RESORT. It’s the Grand something.”
T: (rising from the couch) “Give me those papers!” (grabbing papers from his hand, and scanning them quickly).
T: “You won a trip to MAUI and you are just now telling me about it? It is in less than 2 months! How long have you known about this?”
DH: “A few months, why?”
T: “Because, D, you can’t just run off to Maui on the spur of the moment. There are plans to make…itineraries to work out…clothes to buy…weight to lose!”
DH: “All you have to do is throw some shorts in a bag and go.”
T: “Thanks for winning the trip, DH, but I’ll take it from here!”
Well, that’s CLOSE to how it happened, anyway. We really are going back to Maui…my favorite place on God’s beautiful earth. However, we really did want Alex to go. I have always wanted to take my boys (and now my DIL) to Hawaii, and show them the beauty I have always enjoyed there. But, Alex is really not able to go at this time. He made the decision, and just said that he would not enjoy it the way he is feeling now. I do not think he has the strength to make the trip. And, for that I am sad. Because, as much as I love Maui and surrounding islands, I would gladly stay home for him to be able to go. He would love it so much. So, it is with a little sadness that I look forward to October 3…when we will depart for Paradise. I can only do this because of the great support system that I am blessed with. My Mom, my sister, Joy, my DIL, Suzanne, and Adam and Ian will all help with Alex while I am gone. They will see that he does not want for anything…they will bring him meals, and provide him with company, help with his meds, and whatever else he needs. Do you know what a blessing that is? I can go away for a week and not worry, because he will be in good hands. When I am able to travel, I really do not worry…I trust that if God has it in His plans for me to travel…He can certainly watch over Alex while I’m gone.
Things have been a little overwhelming lately. My Pop is recovering from surgery, and Mom still is not feeling well, Ian has been ill, school has started back, I have not felt very well myself, Alex has not had a good day in so long…I can not even remember, AND we’re building a house! And building a house requires packing up this one. But, Pop is better, and Mom has good days all along, Ian has some new meds that are helping him, school is a joy, my health is a little better, and the house is moving right along. The only thing not looking up is Alex’s health…and that is all in God’s hands. And, now God has blessed us with a vacation in Maui. I am blessed…and humbled.