On Thursday night, I directed the last of my programs at FP. It went so well, and I was very proud of the children. They all spoke or sang so well, and performed their very best! I will miss them immensely.

Sweet Camille

After the graduation part for the program, I presented my pianist, Debbie Fain, with a gift. She is a pastor’s wife here in town, and has been an invaluable partner with me for the last several years. I have adored working with her. She is such a shining example of a Christian woman, and has inspired me and touched my heart!

I thought that was the end…But…Bonnie and her helpers had much more in store for me.

First they brought up a beautiful crystal vase and placed it on a stand. Then, Bonnie spoke some beautiful words about the fact that there have been many children that have passed through my classes in my 20 year tenure there. And then, she began calling names…from 2009…back to 1989. A student from each year was there to present me a rose . Here are some pics of them waiting to come in:

As they came down the aisle, and I heard their names, I could still see them as that little boy or girl who sat in a circle on the floor of my room and sang with me. They were as beautiful now as they were then. Here are just a few of them:

Then for the biggest surprise of all…for the last year…actually, the first year I taught…they had asked Ian to be there. He had come to Dothan the day before, but I thought he had left to go home…he actually told me he had gone home. So, I was very surprised when he came down the aisle to bring the last rose to me. He was in kindergarten the first year I taught.

Justin and Joshua, big brothers to Sweet Sophie from China:

Just to look at those faces, and to realize how blessed I have been is overwhelming.

It humbles me to know that FP put this much trust in me…and the parents put that much trust in us to lend us their little ones for a few hours each day. I have tried with all my heart to use every opportunity that I was given to point these little souls to God. I have tried to teach them to appreciate the wonderful gift of music. I have tried to lead them to appreciate all kinds of music, even if it was not their favorite. I hope that they learned from me that music is one way you can worship God. I pray that some of the songs that I taught will remain in their hearts and minds…resting there until the day those words or melody are needed to give them comfort or peace or a way of praising God. That, then, will be my success.
Thank you, Sherrie, for the pictures! They are a treasure!