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Several years ago, I went to visit my Granny, who lived in North Carolina. She died at the age of 91. She was a flower expert. Oh, the beautiful flowers she had in her yards. Always, she tried to teach me about the different varieties of plants she was nursing along. She said to me that day, “Tonna (that’s what she always called me), did you see my high geraniums? I have worked so hard on them and they are really putting out.” I told her I hadn’t noticed them in the yard. So I went out to look. Of course, I was looking for a new variety of geraniums that were taller growing. I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t know. So, I went back in to tell her. “Well come on and I’ll show you where they are.” Off we went to the side of her mobile home and there it was…….CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IT WAS?…… wasthe lovliest bush of HYDRANGEA!!!!

Isn’t that the sweetest story? I can’t ever see hydrangea bushes without thinking of her. I just know when I get to heaven, she will have some new “heavenly” flowers to show me.