Did March come in like a lion or a lamb at your house?

Would you join me for lunch out under the wisteria? It smells divine!

Love everything about this pic. Lime-one of my favorite colors.

How fun would it be to have this retreat in your backyard? A good book, my fav magazines, a tall glass of sweet tea with lemon, and a few chocolate chip cookies…I could stay there all day.

Chandeliers? No…Hangeliers! Made with clothes hangers! Strange.

If anyone knows where I can buy this chair, let me know! I want to curl up in it! I like the print, the style, the rolled arms…everything!

What does this scream????? SPRING!!!!! Doesn’t it look like a big bird’s nest?

THANKS FRIENDS!! I appreciate all you advice on my hydrangeas! When they start blooming beautifully this year, I’ll share them with you! You’re the best!