Reading is a joy to me. There are few things better than going to the bookstore, perusing the titles, and picking out a new adventure between the covers of a book. A bookstore is a most exciting place to visit. It is so inspiring to walk down the aisles and think of all the information that is encased on either side. Just think, you can find out about anything you want to know or do in a book. I think it is a blessing we sometimes take for granted. So much knowledge and wisdom is available to us just for the taking. Well, pay first if you are in a book store. But, there is also the library…so it can be free, too!
Of course, I know we have the internet now, but, there’s nothing to compare to opening up a book and getting lost in its pages.
Today, I recommend a book to all you mid-life women. “I Feel Bad About My Neck, and other thoughts on being a woman” by Nora Ephron. It is a delight. For those of us who have seen a bit of life and lived to tell about it, her stories will ring true. She has the nerve to say out loud what we all think. You read it, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Enjoy!