I have always loved the peaceful, thoughtful atmosphere that is made by beach chairs looking out to the sea. I think, personally, that the mighty ocean, and its many moods, is one of the more glorious of God’s creations. The many people that sit and rest and gaze out to the sea, have many thoughts. What do the rolling waves bring to your mind? Do you wonder how far the sea shells that you see next to the shore have come? And, if by chance, you are lucky enough to come upon some sea glass…what do you think it was before it was broken apart and polished by the sand and the sea? As you gaze out to sea, do you feel very small and insignificant in this universe? Or do you feel energized by the constant in and out and in and out of the waves? I confess, it makes me feel like a tiny speck of sand in comparison to the world we live in. It is mesmerizing, though, isn’t it? To watch those waves go on and on…to see the tides rise and fall…to see the palest of blues, and the teals, and the greens…deep and almost black fading into emerald and a beautiful, crystal clear green. And the white caps of the waves adding just the right highlight to the whole scene.

I particularly like to sit on the beach at night…when it is dark enough to see the stars in the sky. I love how the moon highlights the sand…it almost glows. And, the moon shining across the water makes such an enticing pathway, you almost feel as if you step on it and visit with the man who lives there. I like the way other groups of people move into and out of the area you have lain claim to…they seem to just disappear and you are alone again. Just you and the sea.

So, the sight of beach chairs gives me pause to remember the great God of the sea…the creator of this masterpiece…this playground He so richly provides for us.


This is a summer beach tablescape I have in my home…Note the little beach chairs, and the picture in the shadowbox of more beach chairs!

I’m afraid some one would get wet here….maybe that is why they’ve all gone inside!

The sea turns to diamonds this time of day…

I love these chairs, they look very comfortable. Can you see how many shades of blue and green there are in this pic?

The straight back chairs make a colorful picture, but I am not sure I could sit there long enough to do much pondering…

This is a picture I have on my mantle…and I actually bought it at Target. It is a wrapped canvas, and it gives me a very peaceful feel.

OH,MY! This is gorgeous…but I do not even think I could get out to it. It looks to me like it is on a sand bar…and that would require swimming in pretty deep water…so I am sure I will only visit this from afar.

A beautiful sunset…a chair built for two…a place for cold drink…quite romantic, don’t you think?

These chairs seem to be put here as an afterthought. Notice how they are facing the sun. Perhaps they were dragged down to the water’s edge for a couple to take in the sunset. I love the fact that the chairs have a place for your legs to rest also.

And, these are the chairs I’d most like to sit in. Something about the materials and the style of them…they look as if someone lovingly crafted these chairs by hand. I just know that these would be MY chair!

“…be still…and consider the wonders of God.” Job 37:14