Never, never, NEVER thought I’d say this. Yesterday I joined a Fitness Club. Me. Yes I did. We have a place here in my town that is like Curves, but this is run by a Christian lady, who has achieved great strides in fitness and weight loss. She must have lost 150 pounds. I went with a friend yesterday, not sure if I would be able to do everything…but, I DID! EVERYTHING! TWO TIMES AROUND! And, I went back today. And did it again…2 times! I am proud of me.

I have made a committment to get healthy. I am dieting. [I have been doing South Beach, but the exercise lady swears by Dr. Gott’s NO SUGAR, NO FLOUR Diet…and she should know!] And I am exercising, and I am taking a health supplement that a lady in our church sells called Mona Vie. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, and anti oxidents, probably some swamp slime and who knows what, but my brother in law says it has changed his life. It has some kind of berry they found in the far reaches of the universe that is supposed to have wonderful healing powers. We’ll see. I am NOT a nut who falls for crazy things, but several people I respect highly have seen a big difference…so, I’ll give it a try. Now if one of these 3 new things in my life kills me, we’ll never know who to blame. Except for myself…for taking so long to get with the program.

Wish me luck!