Southern Chill

This is NOT the kind of weather that makes me a happy camper. In fact, It makes me not want to ‘camp’ at all. I think the only thing to do in weather like this, is to stay in bed, read magazines, and drink hot chocolate. However, the world obviously does not agree, and continues turning. It has been in the 40’s the past few days and it’s just not pretty. Now I know some of you may laugh at this nonsense, but for someone who was born and raised in the deep south…it’s a tragedy. All the clothes you have to wear…the sweaters, and the coats, then the gloves and the hats, and ear muffs…Yuck. If I am shopping and go inside a store, I can’t even shop properly because I feel so stuffed. The best way to handle this is to leave the heavy clothes in the car, and RUN into the mall. Then do all your shopping there. Now, I am one who thoroughly enjoys a good shopping adventure…but the getting in and out of the car in this weather does put a damper on things. Kind of takes some of the FUN out of it. I do not mind a little cool weather…cool enough for a sweater…but much beyond that is just not fun. My son, husband and I visited Ann Arbor, Michigan last year. It snowed before we got there and while we were there…but, the sun was shining. Now we truly enjoyed that experience…even though we had to buy more clothes[ what a shame ]. But that can last me for a lifetime. It has only snowed here maybe 3 or 4 times in my lifetime. Only once did it stick. Schools closed and the kids had a blast. In fact, there was enough for my 3 boys to build a snowman….of course that left the rest of the yard bare. A sweet memory, none the less. I know I should quit complaining and look for blessings in this deep freeze…or at least pray for an early spring!