My friend Kat,at Just A Beach Kat, tagged me to do this meme a while ago. I’m just finally getting around to it. I am to give you 5 weird or random things about myself…here goes:

1. I can not stand to wear pajama pants unless they have elastic at the bottom. Can’t stand them to crawl up my legs while I try to sleep.

2. My name is pronounced like it is spelled…Tonja….with a ‘J’. Most people try to say it TonYa…but they’re wrong. However, my sweet grandmother called me Tonnie all my life.

3. I play solitaire on my palm pilot every night when I get into bed. Something about that just relaxes me, and I get sleepy quickly.

4. I think coffee is the vilest tasting drink ever. I know most people love it…but, I’m not one of them. I do think it smells good though. Give me hot chocolate or hot tea, please.

5. I rode a motorcycle to school when I was in high school.