Today, I had a wonderful visit with 3 of my dearest friends, Judy, Kathy, and Ann. Judy and I became such good friends when we lived across the street from one another. We were pregnant together, and my Alex and her Dana are 3 weeks apart in age. They were always the best of buds! Kathy and Ann and I taught together for many years. They came over today, brought lunch, and we sat and visited until they had to go. Oh, it was great! I have not seen them since Mom’s funeral…and we had not all sat down and visited for longer than that. They had not seen the Creek House, so Alex and I gave a tour, and then we sat to eat and catch up on each other’s lives.
I do love these ladies! And, getting together today was wonderful! We will NOT be so long seeing one another again.
I do not know why this picture is this color…other than the fact that Alex is the one behind the camera…and his eyes are still filled with blood. Sorry.
L to R: Kathy…Judy…Tonja…Ann

You have heard me speak often of my good friend, Shirl. Her Mom passed away very suddenly Thursday morning. In much the same way my Mom did. Shirley and her sister, Sue, were blessed with the opportunity to read scripture and sing praises with their Mom in the hours before her death. She went peacefully, and is brightening heaven with her sweet spirit and beautiful smile. Tara and I and Tina and her husband, and Amy, are going over for the funeral. My niece, Tara, and Shirl’s daughter, Jayna, are dearest of friends. We know it will be sad, but also a cause for rejoicing!
I went over to visit with Suzanne and Adam for a little. They moved into the house that we moved out of. They moved the week after Christmas. I have not been able to go over until tonight. But, they have done a wonderful job repairing and redoing the paint and lights and such. They have so much more room now, and Adam is able to have a studio to work in and an office. Her Dad has helped so much, and he was there painting cabinets while I was there tonight. The house is about 38 years old, and served us well as we raised our family. We always loved our house. So, I am very happy to see them living there and bringing it up to newer standards. They have some great ideas, and I’m sure with time they will carry them all to fruition.
Oh, the things God does for us every day. The little blessings He send our way!
Today, I am blessed and thankful for dear friends who share my values and my way of life.***I am thankful for Mrs.Ollie’s life and the beautiful example she lived in front of us. I am thankful to know she is with her Savior right now!***I am thankful for the provision He makes for warm and comfortable homes for our comfort and pleasure. I am thankful for the blessing of a new home and the blessing of a newer home for Adam and Suze.***And, from the earlier post today…I am thankful beyond my words to express, for the miracle of Alex’s eyes. Aside from how bad they look…all that matters is how they see! And, that is better! And, we praise His name. We know that “Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” James 1:17 .We acknowledge this and are humbly grateful.