I want to live in the land of happy.

I want to bask in the sun of love.

I want to sleep in the bed of color.

I want to laugh in the breeze of joy.

I want to run in the meadow of song.

I want to swim in the water of peace.

I want to color on a page of pure snow.

I want to fly away in my dreams.




  1. Beautiful. Love the pictures you used.

  2. Me too! Take me with you!

  3. justabeachkat |

    Me too!


  4. What a pretty and happy post, Tonja! Hope your Sunday is as nice.

  5. These pictures and colors are alive!!! Thanks for waking me up this morning!

  6. I want to go too! It has been so crazy at my house that I have not been on the computer for about 10 days and sure have missed it. Taking time this afternoon to catch up. I think I need some of the lectures in the series, because I have been feeling pretty darn sorry for myself lately. I can hear my Mom's voice – you don't have to look very far to find someone who is worse off. But knowing that doesn't always make me more grateful. I had to laugh about the new phone. I had my husband's phone when he was in surgery and couldn't even get it turned on!

  7. I don't recall if I ever posted a respose or not but I read your blog often…….I'm musicaljean's sister (one of them!) and rather new to blogging. Anyway, just wanted to say I loved, loved the crayons… pretty and so special =)

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