THIS, THAT, and the OTHER………

Just a few things going on at the Creek House….

1. When I was in Birmingham a few days back, Ian brought me a gift. He said since he would not be with me on my birthday, he wanted to give it to me now. He went into a store selling signs with many different sayings but not this one. So he had them make it special for me! I love it! I found the perfect place for it! And, I think it looks great!

I love giving gifts. Always have. I think long and hard about my gifts and am on the lookout all through the year wherever I go. I despise the idea of having to buy a gift, at the last minute, and putting no thought in it. AND, I am so proud of Ian for thinking about what I would like and getting it made. Lots of thought! Thanks, Ian!

(JUST A NOTE)… Why ‘The Creekhouse’? When we began building our house, I found that I felt boastful and inconsiderate when I would continually refer to ‘the new house’. I wasn’t, but I felt like others may begin to tire of hearing about it. And, I wrote about it so often on Gatherings, it just bothered me to continually say …”in my new house…”. Also, being a voracious reader, I always loved it when old Southern homes had names. Yes, Tara was one of those homes. We have a lady in our church who was involved in music all her life. She was the organist at church, and she taught organ and piano for a hundred years (Joy and I included). Her daughter was a special friend and I spent many summers on vacation with them. Anyway, her home was filled with kids taking music for as long as I can remember. She named her home, ‘The Harmony House’. Loved that. My home is on a street that has a creek running from one side of the road to the other. There is also a very quaint wooden bridge that you cross mid way the road. The name of the street is Cross Creek Lane. I could have called it The Cross House, but that felt like we were always mad at one another. So, since ‘creek’ was in the name of the street, and I had to cross a ‘creek’ every time I left or came home…I chose The Creek House.

It is just fine with me if you think it is silly. I don’t mind a bit. I’m still going to call it that, and I’m old enough now to be a little silly if I feel like it.

2. We had 2 very fine men, ‘pillars of the church’ as they are sometimes called, who died on Monday and Tuesday of last week. Neither was a big surprise, but they have been such fixtures at Southside, they will be greatly missed. Both of them had children that grew up with Joy and I, so we have known them as long as we can remember. Both of their wives are still living. I wanted to show you the beautiful flower spray that one of them had on their casket. This gentleman was such an outdoors man…he loved fishing especially. I just thought this was so perfect. Very masculine, and tied to what he liked. The spray on the other casket was equally as lovely, this one was just so different.

Do you see the about midway the last picture…all the way to the right….the fish! There are 2 of them! Neat, huh? And, did you notice the burlap netting in the first 2 ? It all looks so masculine and so appropriate for him.

3. Alex has been having a really bad few days, so I have been getting to have some of the ‘Finn Duty’. We went out a little while ago, and even though he stayed under my feet most of the time, I did mnage to get a picture or two. He is a sweet puppy and just is in love with Alex. He actually whines when Alex moves out of his sight!

Over achiever ? He tried his best to run with this stick, but it kept getting stuck on other plants. Cute, cute, cute!

“Mommy, let me smell the flowers.”

“Wait, Mommy! I need to kiss the angel!”

4. AWARD TIME ! My sweet friend, Debby, of Just Breathe, has honored me with this “CHERRY ON TOP AWARD”. Isn’t that nice? I thank you so much, Debby, and will try to live up to the spirit of the award. (I am so sorry that I can not link to her site, but Ian has not taught me to do that yet on this new blog. Tried to figure it out…couldn’t. She is linked in my ‘LINKS’ section, however)

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things which you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.

5. Pass this award along.


1. I love the fact that I am not bound by a ‘black/white’ viewpoint. My mind has always been open to quirks and differences and ‘other than normal’ way of seeing things. But, always within God’s laws. I have never been able to color inside the box…there’s just so much wonderful space outside the box!

2. I love the fact that I have learned how to use a computer, and have chosen to write a blog. I love the fact that I am not afraid to let you see who I really am…warts, grey hair, tummy rolls and all!

3. I love the fact that I have dear friends in many differing walks of life. Some from church, some from school, some from childhood, some I have never met IRL, but we meet every day in the Tblogosphere and some…just because. I love that I can share my life with a plethora of friends and am at ease with them all.

And, now a picture I love…Joy and I on Maui in March. This represents fun, and secrets, and support, understanding, and sharing, and love…all the things we share as sisters.

4. While at the grocery store the other day, I picked up a 6 pack of these. I don’t know why…I haven’t had any of these in ages. But, I’m so glad I did, because THIS DRINK IS GREAT !!!!! I had forgotten just how good they were. Very refreshing! AND, they come in 7.5 oz cans that are 100 calories each!

I went back to the store this week, and picked up some more…I thought! However, I did not get the F*nta brand…I got the S*nk*st brand. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE ! I will buy some more, and they will be of the F*nta brand ! I’m just saying…

5. Aren’t these great dishes? Can you see there’s a little nest on the bowl. Wouldn’t they look great on a wooden or woven charger? I think I could probably do a lot with them….if they were mine. They may or may not be living in my kitchen. If they’re not…they should be. And, if they are…well…then…that’s just a good thing! ( The color on the second picture is correct.)

6. Don walked in one night this last week, and handed me a shopping bag from Veriz*n. I looked inside and saw this:

Really…and this is the truth…all I knew how to do was open the box. Which I did. Inside the box was a tiny little instruction guide. Obviously it was written for someone who had spent years as a cell phone designer and programmer. It was intended for someone who understands ‘flash’ and ‘froyo’ and 3 Gh and ‘OMAP processor’…and other such foreign words. It had nothing in there for the average consumer who knows that when a phone rings you answer it and say ‘Hello’. I expect a guide to be just that…a guide. It should be in easy to understand steps that doesn’t assume anything. Such as 1. Take the cord and plug it into the phone and the other end into a socket. Wait 2 housrs while it charges. 2…Unplug the phone from the wall. 3…Locate the ON/OFF button…it is located on the upper right corner of the phone…turn it to ON. 4…Good for you! You have sucessfully charged and turned on your phone! What a great accomplishment! You deserve a break…go directly to the nearest Dairy Queen and buy a Blizzard of your choice! We will continue with the next lesson tomorrow and in just 3 short weeks…you will know how to use your new Dr*id 2!!!

That is all…..for now…




  1. Love this post! So funny but I am about to get a new phone and that is EXACTLY how I want my instructions to be! (Also, LOVE the dishes!!)

  2. I, too, am electronically challenged, and would not even CARRY a phone save for the fact that I have a little girl's company quite a few days a week.

    And I think WE all love what YOU love about you, too. Especially that you have SO many colors in your paintbox.

  3. I love the Creek House sign and it's great to know the story behind the name! Love Finn! Dogs just have the best sense of people and I'm so glad Finn loves Alex!

    That is a great picture of you and Joy! I know all about sisters and how important they are and how you can just depend on them for anything!

  4. justabeachkat |

    Hey Birthday Girl!

    You made me chuckle with the way you would write instructions. Why, oh why, do they make it so hard?! I love your new sign for The Creek House and sure do hope someone gets the hint and gives you those wonderful dishes. LOVE them. I hope you have that photo of you and Joy framed somewhere because it's a really really good one. Cute photo of Finn. He is adorable.

    I hope your birthday week is as good one.


  5. I really like The Creek House sign. And I loved that you named the house. I’m going to think about that. So far our previous houses have such unimaginative names – our East Pete house, our Hossler Road house, and our Lititz house. I gotta come up with something more interesting for our new house.

  6. Monty Clark likes this..
    Pamela Kelley Colarusso enjoyed reading all thes
    .Shirley Hammond Loved it…great…as always!!!
    ·.Gayle J. Tedder Tonja, I enjoyed so much reading your blog. I love being able to access it from facebook. Hope Alex is better. Who did the floral spray? It was outstanding.
    .Anne Jenkins Atkinson I love reading your blog. You are so funny. I do hope Alex has a better week.
    .Linda Bush Mills You always brighten my day! I think I know who you got that from too!

    I love the picture of you and Joy … you both are absolutely radiant!

  7. ·.Janie Fortenberry Tonja, this was like sitting down to visit with you in your lovely Creek House. I, too, like for houses to have names. We built one several years ago and the driveway wound through some old oak trees and I named it "Oak Alley." I'm think…ing about naming our new house "Sanctuary House," because it's on Sanctuary Lake.

    I'm so sorry Alex is not doing well, and will remember him in my prayers. He is blessed that you are able to be there with him and give him a mother's tender, loving care. Sometimes that's better than any kind of medicine a doctor can give you.

    I love the picture of you and Joy … you both are absolutely radiant!

  8. justabeachkat |

    Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend!

    Love and hugs,

  9. Thank you for doing the award, I appreciate that. What a wonderful gift Ian bought you. I love that your home has a name. That is a beautiful casket spray, very manly. So sorry, I know you will miss them. Love the pictures with Finn, too cute! Beautiful pictures of you and Joy. Oh my, I want those dishes, they are so pretty. So earthy! Best of luck with your Droid. My husband and son love theirs. I would feel just like you, I don't do well with change and I am happy I can use my computer. Have a nice weekend. Great Post.

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