I am getting my DINING TABLE CHAIRS on Thursday! Only 13 months since we moved in! NOTE: If you have sat on a stool or a folding chair, or a kitchen chair, or whatever else we could find…my apologies…and an invitation to come back and sit on my new chairs…that are cushioned…and the correct height…and all matching!

Picture of them in place coming soon!!!


I have jury duty this coming week. I really do not mind doing it. I think it is a responsibility we all have. But, it is so annoying to sit and wait and wait and wait for lawyers and judges to work things out. Maybe it won’t be so bad this time…we’ll see.


Sweet Tara went back to work last week. It’s been hard for her to leave the baby, and I can certainly understand that! He’s the cutest thing! Joy and her MIL are keeping him while she works. She works with a very kind and understanding group of girls, as well as the doctors…so I’m sure they will help her get through these hard days. They all work together very well…such a blessing for Tara.


There is a new service available on the internet, and I am passing the info on to you, because I am sure you can use it, too. The site is
This is a service that lists all the doctors, clinics, hospitals in the Wiregrass Area. FYI: The Wiregrass Area consists of: ALABAMA…Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise, Troy, Eufaula*****GEORGIA…Valdosta, Tifton, Albany, Thomasville, Moultrie*****FLORIDA…Marianna, Lake City, Tallahassee. Other cities in this area will be added as information becomes available.

What makes this site different from others, is the ease of navigation throughout the site and the wealth of information in one place. Here you can find all the doctors in a certain speciality, choose the one that meets your needs, and then find out all the info you may need. You can see his address, directions to his office or clinic, education, what hospital he is affiliated with, a picture, other doctors in his practice, and how his patients rate him on about 10 different areas. This is all free of charge and it is also extremely easy to email the info to another party.

The service will soon be available in Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, and the Triangle area of North Carolina.


And, finally, I was just wondering…can you do this?



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