“Mommy, please, PLEASE, can I go swimming?  It’s so hot, and Lulu’s already in the pool.  PLEASE ?”

“I think that’s a great idea, Levi!”  “Here you go Lulu!”

“AHHHH!  This is great.  I love to float! “

And all the children and the Mommies, and the Aunts, and the Uncle, and the Lulu got into the pool to play.  Pop and Gigi watched from the side.

Well, it seems that all eyes are on Little Levi !


“Hello!  Are y’all forgetting about someone…waaaay over here…..all alone ?”

“I just don’t understand it, Finn.  They used to all watch ME !  And, now all they do is play with that baby .  It’s not right, I tell you…I was FIRST!!!”

“What’s that?  Do what?  You did that with Alex and YOU got to be the leader?  Yeah!  that’s what I want…to be the leader!  Thanks, Finn !”

“Yeah !!! This is more like it !  Who’s riding high, now?  Uncle Alex,  don’t I look great up here ?   Finn, who? “

And they all played and swam with the smart and cunning John Thomas at the helm.

“Hey, Levi, Don’t be mad.  When YOU are the BIG BOY, YOU can be the leader!”

“HA ! HA ! HA !…I’m ALWAYS gonna be the BIG BOY!  Don’t tell, Ree.  Shhhhhhhh…”




  1. What precious pictures. You are Lulu? How did you come up with that name? I wrote a post before Kaiden was born about the many different names and my search for what to be called.

  2. Too cute!! You should publish that, complete with the pictures – it would be an awesome children’s book!

  3. Awwwww…they all want the attention! LOL

    Cute photos of everyone.


  4. Well, Good Morning, LULU!!!

    What a sweet, charming name! That's one of the cutest Grandma names I've ever heard. Suits you to a T.

    And what a super day you had—and what a smart, big boy Levi is getting to be! He's communicating with his Mama Big Time. I have a feeling that little Finn is going to be Third Wheel unless no one else is at home.

    Hope you're getting some rain today—ours has been off and on, and I think I see some sun where I just took down the kitchen curtains.

  5. Sweet post and I love the pictures. Levi is so precious. Of course John Thomas is adorable too!

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