I just want you to know, my friends, that learning a whole new way of blogging is very hard work! And, yes, I am very confused! I sure hope I get some ‘in person’ lessons this weekend. Ian is coming home…and maybe he will indulge me in my quest for greater knowledge of this thing called ‘blogging in wordpress!’

I do, however, have the answer for one question posed to me from a blogging friend.

“when I click on your pictures to see more detail…they get smaller instead of larger.”


Click once, it gets smaller…click that smaller image….it will get very big.

No, I do not know WHY it works like this………only that it does. Even the Guru who sits ensconsed in his office in Birmingham, doesn’t know why. But, friends, I don’t have to know ‘why’….it is enough for me to know juuuuuuust enough to answer your questions….and juuuuuust enough to share my stories.

I think, in this life, there are things we will never know. What is important, then, is to have faith in the one who does know…trusting that they will lead you in the right way.

This is important in computer matters…..but much more important in matters of life and death…….and eternal life.




  1. And I, that blunder-along blogging friend, DID happen upon the right way by sheer luck, or clumsiness, or both.

    The pics are beautifully enlarged in the new system, so I say ALL SYSTEMS GO!!

  2. I don't know "nuttin" about wordpress, but I hope you get a detailed tutorial this weekend.


  3. I don't think there's a "new and improved" look out there for my blog that would be worth the work it takes to change. So – – – here I go, staying the SAME.


  4. AMEN ! You are doing a great job. I do not like change, this would be very hard on me.
    I won't even do the blog in draft!!!

  5. You never cease to crack me up!!!!

  6. Tonja, I hope Ian can guide you in the right direction to clear up some of your blogging issues, and you can change those signs to read: "I was lost, but now I'm found."

    Hope your day is filled with His Amazing Grace …

  7. P.S. … I've been meaning to tell you for days that I love the picture of you and Don on your sidebar. You both look so happy and I love the sepia tone. Isn't it nice to have a professional photographer in the family, as well as a computer guru!

  8. You are so right about the important matters in life…but computer knowledge sure does help!

  9. I think you were very brave to go to a new blogging "place"……be glad you have your son to help you….no one in this house will even talk about blogging! I get no help and I'm so, so challenged!

  10. …When in doubt…reboot.

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