Does this picture make your mouth water? I’m a candy corn lover. When I buy a bag, I open it and pour it into a big zip-lock. Then, I pour in a big handful or two or three of peanuts. I shake it up well, and then, dig in! Yummy!

However, there are some other ways to use this confection. From Women’s Day magazine, check out these fun crafts.

Simply find a branch from the backyard and secure it into pot. Then just hot glue candy corn in groups of two or three. Simple. Cute.

This one takes a little more time. Purchase Styrofoam balls in your desired size. Spray paint with orange spray paint. (DUH…what else would you spray paint orange with?) Then hot glue the candy tightly in rows with the largest end next to the ball. Then pop into a flower pot or urn filled with more candy.

I’m quite sure I do not need to give any instructions with this one!

Now this one is just a little more difficult. Purchase a Styrofoam wreath and cover with wide black ribbon. Then begin hot gluing the candy on in circular patterns, alternating the direction of the candy. Finish off with another strip of the black ribbon to hang.

If you wish to save these to use another year…spray them with a clear acrylic sealer.




  1. Wow! I missed that one. I only watch it occasionally. That is so impressive and I admire him so much for sticking to his convictions.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Tonja—one of my proudest moments in my own marriage came when a General in charge of reviewing Chris' record wrote (I can quote it in my sleep—this man had been all over the world in company of the group, some of whose antics and behavior were not of the best at all times, but this is what he wrote about Chris) "Moral Character above reproach. Dedicated Family Man."

  3. The tree is so cute! I also love the candles… but how does it work? 😉 I have a bowl of candy corn and peanuts sitting on my kitchen table right now…

  4. Oh Tonya, you KNOW I am on Weight Watchers and there you go posting my very favorite snack! I CRAVE candy corn and peanuts…..CRAVE IT!

  5. I love each and every one of those ideas, especially the candles. The little candy corn tree would be a fun one to try with my granddaughter Avery. I'm so glad you shared these with us, Tonja.

  6. Such cute ideas! I think the “tree” is my favorite…probably because it’s one of the ones I might actually be successful with!

  7. Candy corn and peanuts – my favorite. I cannot have it in the house, so I have to wait until the weekend before Halloween to buy that treat. Can hardly wait. I have always thought of using the candy corn with the candles, but never seem to have leftover candy corn!

  8. What a lovely idea, I look forward to make some, good thing I have some new spray paint, can't wait :D.

  9. Here is the great idea I found about the CANDY CORN and CRAFT, that is very interesting. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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